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  • Pro Tip
    “Reach out to others in the treatment court career field if you are interested. Some treatment court proceedings are open to the public and can be observed.”
  • Pro Tip
    “Find work that inspires you - there are hard days in any job, and what will motivate you to keep going, even on the difficult, chaotic, or challenging days, is a passion for the work, and belief in what you’re doing. ”
  • Pro Tip
    “Find something that you're really passionate about and let that passion keep you going even when it gets hard or there are some failures. Experience comes from building as you go and trying new things. Sometimes it doesn't work out, and that's okay!”
  • Pro Tip
    “Be a team player regardless of what stage of your career you are in. Sometimes being a team player means doing the small tasks. It takes a team to make a company thrive; remember to do you part.”
  • Pro Tip
    “My advice is to understand yourself and work towards understanding your strengths and what you struggle with. To be a great social worker your use of self is important.”

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