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Sean Smith


Field of Work
Social Work
Riverside Community Care
Years of Experience
Why Mental Health?

Mental health is important to me because it not only affect us as individuals, but also the greater systems. I think that as we dive deeper into society’s larger problems there is a link between the problems and individuals’ mental health. This means we should be well informed about mental health and work towards more understanding of it.

Where I Started

I started working residential for a group home with children and adolescents. I grew to understand the programs well and eventually left to go to do intensive in-home work for cases contracted by a state agency. I then went to work for the Department of Children and Families and from there went on to work at several child welfare agencies.

Where I Am Now

I am currently a Youth and School Based Clinician for my full time work. I also work per diem (about two shifts a week) as a mobile crisis clinician. I currently have my Masters in Social Work and Master’s in Disaster Resilience Leadership from Tulane University. I also have my preliminary license as a Licensed Certified Social Worker.

Where I'm Going

I hope to continue my path as a Social Worker, eventually get my independent license. I would like to supervise and do Macro work. I am passionate about child welfare and hope to make an impact on that system.

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