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Erika Rowen


Field of Work
Operations & Human Resources
Flourish Labs
Years of Experience
Why Mental Health?

Mental health is life. It’s how we’re all able to connect and facilitate relationships and interactions within society and with each other. How we act, react, feel, and think shapes every single interaction we have. I grew up not know what ‘mental health’ was and now that I’m a mother I want to lead my child into the world with the knowledge that mental health is just as important as physical health.

Where I Started

I started my professional career as an entry-level technical recruiter at an agency.

Where I Am Now

I’m currently the Head of People at a seed-stage startup.

Where I'm Going

I’d love to continue my growth at a steady pace. Ideally, I’d stay with a company from seed-stage through Series A and Series B, potentially growing into a COO (Chief Operations Officer) position, should the opportunity presented itself.

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