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Hannah Rebernick


Field of Work
Years of Experience
Why Mental Health?

Taking charge of and prioritizing my mental health has changed my life so much for the better. Because I know the personal difference it has made in my life it’s important to me to be able to maintain that wellness for myself as well as make it more easily accessible for other people in my community and beyond.

Where I Started

While studying graphic design at Columbia College Chicago, I began interning at a non-profit design agency that worked exclusively with non-profit organization clients. This was my first true designer role in a professional space. This internship was so valuable to me because I got to work on some great projects and collaborate closely with clients and other designers. It also ignited my interest in working with non-profit organizations on projects that would make a difference in the world.

Where I Am Now

“Currently, I am a full-time freelancer running my own branding and web design business. Much of my work is focused around working with non-profit organizations and foundations on mission-aligned projects. Most frequently I work with orgs connected to mental health, LGBTQ+, or social justice advocacy.

I worked in a wide range of creative environments before reaching this point in my career but building my values into my work and business has definitely led me to where I am today.”

Where I'm Going

In the future I would love to see my business grow to support larger and even more impactful projects. Some of my future goals are to expand my operation from a “one-woman show” to employing other folks who share my and my client’s values. I would also love to spend less time working and more time volunteering and relaxing to build a better work/life balance for myself.

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