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Jazmine Taylor


Field of Work
Sales Management & Nonprofit
Active Minds
Years of Experience
Why Mental Health?

Mental health is important to me because of my personal experience and my observance of social occurrences. My goal is to be a part of the mission to distigmatize the outlook of mental health. Creates spaces that support growth.

Where I Started

My career was originally set on the path to being a fashion designer. After taking classes, I decided to pivot to a degree in social science. Due to personal experiences and the social climate around mental health, I was led to my current career in mental health advocacy.

Where I Am Now

At this moment in my career, I am in a position to utilize my various skill sets and continue to hone in and grow as a mental health advocate and sales manager. This current chapter in my career has provided me with the opportunity to be exposed to various perspectives. In this light, I am in a space where I can truly be a metaphorical sponge and continue to grow within my career.

Where I'm Going

Looking at the future of my career path, I envision myself combining creativity and advocacy. Finding creative ways to inspire our community through events, fundraising, and grass roots initiatives. Overall, my goal is to aid in fostering a community of understanding and support.