Career Path

Human Resources

(The Bridge Builder)

Two people smiling and shaking hands in a business setting

You are a strong communicator, problem solver, and negotiator. You are deeply interested in resolving issues that may come up in a workplace and you know just the way to speak to people in a way that makes them feel heard and understood. Staying organized with your day-to-day tasks keeps you energized. You are simultaneously talented at working with people 1:1 and completing administrative tasks with ease. A natural leader, you care about cultivating a positive and inclusive workplace culture and you seek to always put people first.

Your Strengths
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication
  • Inclusivity
  • Decision-making
  • Negotiating
  • Mediation
  • Relating
  • Empathy
  • Organization
  • Listening
  • Detail-oriented
  • Time management
Ideal Work Environment
  • 1:1
  • In-Person or Remote
  • With teams
Job Search Keywords
  • Human resources (HR) manager, analyst, generalist, consulting or assistant
  • Career coach
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Employee relations
  • Recruiter
  • Change management
  • Organizational development
  • Operations
  • Personnel management
  • People and culture
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychologist

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