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NAMI HelpLine Information & Referral Specialists – Intership



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The HelpLine Specialist Experience

NAMI HelpLine Specialists help individuals and families improve their lives and advance recovery by listening to their concerns and connecting them with essential resources and services. They extend empathy, understanding, respect, and emotional support to everyone contacting the NAMI HelpLine. In return, as volunteers they will develop a deep understanding of the mental health landscape, mental health conditions, treatment options, and recovery strategies. They will also experience the appreciation and gratitude expressed by the individuals, families, and caregivers they serve.

The NAMI HelpLine recognizes the value of lived experience as it expands one's capacity for empathy, motivates a sincere desire to help others, and at times provides valuable perspective. However, HelpLine service often involves triggering conversations and topics. A Specialist's mental health must be solid with well-established treatment and/or self-help strategies and necessary support. If at any time in the interview, onboarding or during service a Specialist or staff member becomes aware that providing HelpLine services could or is having a negative impact on a Specialist or that help seekers are not being well served the Specialist will be asked to step-away from service.

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Nonprofit/NGO