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Behavioral Health Technician

Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare

Warminster, PA

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Behavioral Health Technicians (BHT) interact with clients throughout the shift, assists and supports clients with functionally needs. Behavioral Health Technicians are responsible for managing the daily milieu of the facility, ensuring the safety of clients, and maintaining a therapeutic environment. BHTs are expected to familiarize themselves with the histories and needs of the clients and be capable of identifying cues and behaviors that may indicate a change in clients’ status or condition. Position is responsible for documenting in the client records and communicating proactively with clinical team members and supervisor(s).

Essential Responsibilities:
Collaborates with clinical team to determine/select appropriate interventions based on the needs of individual clients.
Actively participates and engages clients in the milieu and outside activities throughout the workday, often in a variety of group settings.
Prompts clients to complete ADLs, including clean room, hygiene, laundry, etc., and completes regular room hygiene checks.
Conducts client drug screening, pregnancy tests, and breathalyzers, as necessary.
Prompts clients to attend all meals in a timely manner and provides supervision and structure at mealtimes as appropriate.
Models effective table manners and small talk during mealtimes, focusing on engaging all clients.
Provides, structures, and maintains a therapeutic environment in collaboration with other staff.
Therapeutically interacts with the client in one-to-one situations, community, and group meetings, maintaining appropriate boundaries and modeling appropriate social behavior.
Collaborates with clinical team to facilitate client education groups.
Reacts therapeutically in crisis situations.
Recognizes client’s level of behavioral functioning and modifies approaches accordingly to include recognizing mood changes and developing coping skills.
Maintains therapeutic relationship with clients using praise and other reinforcers to encourage appropriate behaviors and attitudes, setting limits in a kind and firm manner.
Documents in accordance with policies and procedures services provided, incident reports, shift reports, group and milieu notes in a timely and accurate manner. Notes are entered on the same day of shift and rounds are entered timely throughout the shift on all clients.
Complies with the facility safety procedures as outlined in the policy and procedure manual to include fire drills, evacuation procedures, and internal/external disaster plan.
Demonstrates effective verbal intervention skills in managing escalating clients and involving other staff as needed.
Performs a vehicle safety and fuel check prior to use of any company vehicle, reporting any concerns to supervisor or manager.
Supports clients in effectively managing leisure time, including joining in activities with clients.
Greet all guests warmly and friendly.
Follows through with clinical precautions effectively, including visual clinical observations.
Answer phone and field calls in an upbeat and positive manner, focusing on customer service.
Transport clients to appointments, supporting client while regulating in community.
Identifies and recognizes triggers for escalation with each client, and utilize de-escalation techniques, focusing on prevention of crisis.
Gathers clients for outings and groups to promote program engagement.
Supports medication compliance and management of client self-administration.
Prepares for client admissions to all levels of care including but not limited to ensuring room is prepared, completes intake documentation, ensures all medications are documented and stored.
Conducting client belonging search, inventory and notifying therapist of any contraband.
Supports discharge processes, as needed.

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Social Services