Career Path


(Tech Savvy)

A man at a computer typing

You have a naturally inquisitive mind that is curious about how and why things work. For some, solving puzzles may be a favorite pastime that has carried over into your professional life. You have a knack for solving problems. For others, you may use your curiosity in building things. When you want to relax legos are your go to as a creative method to bring ideas to life. Overall, you are someone who is innovative, creative, and disciplined. While others may have a tendency to overlook details, very detail oriented because you understand the value small tweaks and changes can have on an outcome of a project or product.

Your Strengths
  • Problem solving
  • Technical support
  • Data & numbers
  • Curiosity
Ideal Work Environment
  • Individual work
  • Occasional collaboration
  • In-person or remote
Job Search Keywords
  • IT
  • Software Development
  • Technical Support
  • Web Development
  • Architecture

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