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Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Telos Health Systems


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What You Will Do

Provide comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, emotional, behavioral, addictive, and developmental disorders and disabilities using specialized clinical knowledge and advanced clinical skills.

As a staff LMHC you would work with our team of psychotherapists to provide initial evaluation assessments and follow up psychotherapy to the facilities we service in various locations. While this position comes with a lot of flexibility and autonomy, you will also be well supported by the Directors of Mental Health.

While our goal is to increase the quality of life of our patients, we also want to increase the quality of life of our employees. We pride ourselves on providing our employees with a healthy Work-Life Balance.

Our billing team will handle all billing claims and authorizations. This allows you to focus the clinical work with your patients and complete your documentation.

Duties & Responsibilities

Perform comprehensive diagnostic assessments of patient’s needs and psychosocial status.
Provide follow up psychotherapy.
Collaborate with other members of the multidisciplinary team, as appropriate, to develop treatment goals for the patients.
Provide appropriate documentation of all pertinent information obtained in interviews, consultation with other healthcare professionals, referrals, contacts, and supportive services provided to each patient.
Complete necessary documentation and reporting in accordance with departmental standards and Federal and State regulations.

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